Shame Resilience & self kindness


Shame resilience & self kindness

2,5 days Introduction & Deepening (in English Language)


Whether it be the pain of not doing well enough at work, not having the “perfect” body, not making enough money or not being a better parent/friend/lover - the experiences  of loneliness, powerlessness and hopelessness are real, felt and shared.


You are not alone.


The cure for shame is the building of self-kindness and

resilience - We are offering you a weekend of togetherness, tools and strategies that could help you to:


  • Speak to yourself with more kindness and empathy
  • Recognise when shame is getting in your way
  • Share yourself more deeply with others
  • Build resilience to perfectionism
  • Grow self-compassion and understanding
  • Find strategies to welcome shame in everyday life


The answer to shame is self-kindness and empathy - when these are present shame cannot grow.


About the trainers

Kersten & Harry Kloser-Pitcher have lived for years within the field of Non-Violent Communication as trainers (CNVC certified and CVNC candidate), organisers, hosts and mostly practitioners. Their own journeys brought them to the core of the most cruel fights one fights in life - Unworthiness and Shame. Finding ways to make life more wonderful in the face of these very real emotions is what they would like to spread and share. This seminar is a premiere of something very dear to their hearts.




2,5-days intensive

Fr 17-21h Sa 10-18h So 10-15h






Kersten & Harry Kloser-Pitcher





past experience with feelings and needs



English (German translation partly possible)



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